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About Us

Since its beginning in 1989, Cevasa S.A. has established itself as a leader in the Argentine veterinary pharmaceutical industry. The company’s dedication to quality has allowed it to achieve the prestige and important market share it now enjoys. For over several years the company has been ranked in the first places among national pharmaceutical laboratories. This is an achievement the company and all it employees are extremely proud of.

Its main activity is focused on the development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products designed to animal health and veterinary medicine which are destined to combat several diseases present in the animal production industry .

Cevasa S.A. has grown and thrived in the face of the many challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry today and recognizing all the latest breakthroughs of knowledge in the rapidly changing global process.

Cevasa S.A.’s well developed infrastructure, combined with an efficient distribution system and backed by the prestige of its name and the reputation of its products, has allowed Cevasa S.A. to succeed and thrive in the challenging environment of today’s pharmaceutical industry. Cevasa S.A. has proven itself to be a strong partner in the animal health care.

The company’s goal is to exceed its own accomplishments with the aim of achieving the highest international standards, keeping high quality of its products and services to contribute to animal wellness. This philosophy can be summarized in the company’s motto “Cevasa, unique quality with no limits.”


Cevasa SA has got a strong investment in facilities and equipment to ensure the normal development of production and control according to the highest quality standards. Also, Cevasa is constantly validation and update all its major equipment also fulfilling the most demanding national and global standards.


Provide medicines and veterinary products that meets the highest standars of quality, at reasonable price, meet the expectations of users in the market we serve.


Supplying a large portion of market needs of veterinary drugs and consumer products, nationally and internationally through a program of technical updating.


Responsibility - Respect - Partnership - Humility - Effort - Quality and Excellence - Solutions - Innovation - Trust


 Giving the costumer’s investment in our products through the full satisfaction with the use of them. Preserving the quality criteria, complying with the steps and considerations of good manufacturing practices.